Frequently Asked Questions

1. Find an after effects template you like and click on "BUY WITH PAYPAL" if you want to pay with your PayPal account or "BUY WITH CREDIT CARD" in case you want to pay by credit / debit card.

2.1 After you click on "BUY WITH PAYPAL" , you'll be redirected to PayPal where you have to login into your PayPal account and make the payment.

2.2 If you click on "BUY WITH CREDIT CARD" you'll be redirected to our credit/debit card payment provider where you have to complete the payment.

3. When you've completed the payment process , you'll be redirected to a unique download link from where you can download your After Effects Template. In the same time , you'll receive an e-mail with the download link.

Here is a step by step video on the PAYMENT - DOWNLOAD process using PayPal as method of payment:

When you purchase an After Effects Template from us , you will receive a compressed file (.zip) which includes :
1. an After Effects project (NameOfTheProject.aep)
2. a text file with indications (ReadMe.txt)
3. a step-by-step Video Tutorial (

Photos & Audio used in preview are not included. They are being used only for promotional purpose.
To use our After Effects Templates , you'll need to have the Adobe After Effects software installed on your computer. This templates will work only with the following versions : Adobe After Effects CS3 , CS4 , CS5 , CS5.5 , CS6 and CC.

If you have an earlier version like Adobe After Effects CS2 you can't use our After Effects Templates until you upgrade your software to at least CS3.

You are not allowed to resell or redistribute this After Effects Template !
You are not allowed to give away this After Effects Template to friends , relatives etc. or to post it on a server for others to download !
You are not allowed to claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our After Effects Templates , modified or unmodified !
You are not alowed to use this After Effects Template in any violent or pornographic context !

If you resell or redistribute this After Effects Template , you give it away to friends , relatives or you post it on a server for others to download , your actions will be punished according to the law
No , you don't need to have prior experience with Adobe After Effects in order to use this After Effects Templates.
All our templates are very simple to use. All you have to do is to follow the Step-by-Step VIDEO TUTORIAL that comes with the project and within a few clicks you'll be ready to render your video.
You can download a free trial version of Adobe After Effects from Adobe website.
Also you can contact us and we'll get back to you with an offer without obligation.
If you agree to our offer , after you'll send us your media (photos , videos ... ) and a short briefing , we'll send back to you the resulting video.
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